About Me!

Hello!  Thank you for stopping by.  I'm Nikki but some of you may know me as Healing Mama. I blog about parenting and motherhood.  Healing Mama Remedies focuses on momma's.  However, I have another aspect of my life that I would like to share.  So I started this blog.  

On to the story...

This was the start of it all.  This little test brought me into the world of motherhood in 2011.  

Me and Honey Bee (My Daughter) when she was a few months old.  Little did I know that I would quickly be adding two little more Bee's to our clan.  A few short years later along came Bumble Bee (My Son), and I'm now pregnant with Fuzzy Bee.

Me and Honey Bee being silly!  

Here is Bumble Bee, when he was just a cute little baby.  Now he's a big boy, and hopefully soon to be potty trained!  

Annnnddd...this is me.  I have this expression on my face about 95% of the time.  Hey what do you expect?  I'm a tired mommy and wife.  I'm sure you look like this too...come on admit it.  LOL.  I

I hope you enjoyed this little introduction.  I have a lot to share.