Not Your Average Diaper Bag

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I love how far diaper bag designs have come.  I love the fact that companies are making diapers bags stylish for mothers.  The newer designs actually feel like a real accessory and can really add style to an outfit.  Below are some of my favorite diaper bag styles.  These bags are definitely an inspiration for when I go out a purchase my diaper bag.

Diaper Bag



During my pregnancy with Honey Bee I actually overpacked my diaper bag.  I found I didn't use or need a majority of the items I packed.  I was just a first time mom, who wanted to be prepared.  LOL.  My second diaper bag was a little different.  I wanted to carry a light load. And I found that the 3 items below really came in handy.

1. Doggy Poo Bags - I know it's weird.  But hear me out.  Even though these are for dogs, they can also double as bags to hold dirty diapers and soiled clothes.  I also love the cute carries these come in.
2. Nursing cover/scarf -  I really love this item because instead of pulling out a nursing cover you can just unwrap the scarf and start nursing.  It's less awkward and makes nursing a breeze
3. T-Shirt -  There is nothing worse then being out with your newborn and getting spit up on your shirt or spilling something.  Bringing and extra t-shirt ensures your prepared for whatever mess is coming your way.

Diaper Bag Must Haves

Which one is your favorite design?
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  1. I've been using a diaper backpack - actually it is an Army tactical backpack lol. I started out with a real diaper bag with monkeys and all on it, and the hubs refused to use it. So he put together his own diaper backpack and I got tired of stocking both, so I just switched. I love the backpack idea. Hands free and balanced so easier to carry. I love those little doggie poo bags too, I have some as well. Soiled or wet clothes don't need to be trouble. The extra outfit for mom is a brilliant idea. I always have extra clothes for him, but not for me.