5 Breakfast Recipes Your Toddler Will Love

6:50:00 PM

Two Different Types of Eaters 

I have two very different children.  There's Honey Bee (my daughter) who will try and eat anything. There are only a limited amount of foods that she won't eat mushrooms and goat cheese. Other than that my little girl loves food.  She enjoy different taste and texture and it's fun letting her try new things.  Then there is Bumble Bee.  He does not like a lot of foods.  I guess I could classify him as a picky eater.  As you can imagine cooking meals that everyone loves can be quite difficult.  I may not have master dinner, but we have breakfast down.  Here are some of the breakfast recipes that my children enjoy and hopefully so will yours.  

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  1. These are great! Luckily my toddler will eat just about anything, so I'm sure she would love any of these. Thanks for joining the Family Joy link party.